Canteen Menu

The food sold at our canteen is made on site and available for the kids to buy during recess and lunch.  Our menus change seasonally and a copy is sent home as they change.   The current menu is available HERE.

Doubleview Canteen has an electronic online ordering system saving you time as you can order from the comfort of your own computer at home.  It also eliminates the hassle of finding the correct change!  Visit Quickcliq and create your own account, upload some money to put your account in credit, then order your child's lunch.  

KINDLY NOTE that icy poles will need to be collected at the canteen during lunch as they are kept in the freezer an not sent out with the lunch orders.

Canteen Volunteer

Nani is our awesome full-time canteen supervisor and is assisted by Yuki (our in-house sushi maker)

However more hands are always needed.  Please volunteer any of your available time to help out in the canteen by clicking on the link below.   You won't be sorry as this is also a social morning and an opportunity to meet new people.  Music can always be heard coming from the canteen on canteen days.  

Did you know?  Your child gets a free lunch if you help in the canteen. And they love to come and see you during lunch breaks. 


Special Events Orders

When the school is running events such as carnival day, special orders are available for lunches from the canteen that will be taken to the kids on the field.  This menu will be available closer to the time.