P&C Committee


Email addresses for all portfolios are listed below:

President: President@dvpspnc.org

Vice-President: Vicepresident@dvpspnc.org

Treasurer: Treasurer@dvpspnc.org

Secretary: Secretary@dvpspnc.org

Parent Rep: Parent.rep@dvpspnc.org

Communications: Communications@dvpspnc.org

Canteen Convenor: Canteen.convenor@dvpspnc.org

Canteen Treasurer: Canteen.treasurer@dvpspnc.org

Travel Smart: Travel@dvpspnc.org

School Banking: Banking@dvpspnc.org

Website Coordinator: website.coordinator@dvpspnc.org

Events Coordinator: Events@dvpspnc.org

Member Roles and Responsibilities


The President is the meeting Chairperson, the public face of the P&C and can be a link between parents and school administration. The President is also a signatory to the bank accounts, needs to ensure other Office Bearers fulfil their duties, handles media and all external enquiries, observes legal formalities and is an ex officio member of all Sub-committees as well as being an Executive Committee member.

Vice President/ WACSSO Liaison

The Vice President is the understudy for the President to undertake the President’s duties if they are unable to do so, including chairing meetings when the President is absent or has a conflict of interest. The Vice President can be a member of Sub-committees, is a signatory to the bank accounts and Executive Committee member. They also hold the role of WACSSO Liaison and are responsible for reporting to the P&C - at each General Meeting - on what is currently happening in education and P&Cs within Western Australia. They can stay informed of the latest news by following WACSSO’s communication channels


The Secretary maintains the Association’s records (NOT the financial records) and is an Executive Committee member. They must:

  • Post notice of meetings and advise of financial motions

  • Assist Chairperson in drawing up agenda

  • Record minutes

  • Deal with correspondence

  • Maintain membership records

  • Be a signatory to the bank accounts

  • Observe legal formalities


Maintains the P&C financial records and is an Executive Committee member. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to prepare and present a WRITTEN report for every General Meeting, including an up-to-date bank reconciliation, a copy of the most recent bank statement and a statement of receipts and payments. Other responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the annual financial report for the AGM, auditor or reviewer as required;

  • Management of all the P&C’s accounts including overseeing ALL Sub-committee accounts

  • Completion of tax, superannuation and employee entitlements as necessary

Executive Committee Members (x3 minimum)

Existing P&C members that form part of the P&C Executive Committee that meets in between general meetings to discuss and vote on items of an urgent or ongoing nature. Find out more about Executive Committee Members here.

Canteen Convenor

Manages and liaises with the Canteen Supervisor regarding canteen volunteers, term menus and convenes the Canteen Committee once per Term. Note Canteen Supervisor reports directly to P&C President for employment purposes.

Canteen Treasurer

Maintains the Canteen financial records and pays all associated invoices.

Parent Representative Coordinator

Chairs Parent Rep meetings once per term, coordinates the creation and distribution of class lists by each individual Parent Rep, distributes P&C information to the Parent Reps for dissemination to class lists.

Website Committee

Manages and maintains the P&C Website: http://www.dvpspnc.org

Travelsmart Coordinator

Maintains the P&C parking brochure, monitors parking around the school, liaises with Stirling City Council regarding parking issues, coordinates Walk/Ride to school day.

School Banking Coordinator

Coordinates the school banking program for all students including banking of all monies collected.

Communications Coordinator

Manage the Facebook Page & collate monthly Newsletter. Assist Parent Rep Coordinator & other positions to communicate information with the school community.

EVENTS Coordinator

Manages the planned events for the year by getting people together that want to have fun organizing an event. The events are not all planned by this role, but rather supported. Any new ideas are always welcomed!

Regular Sub Committees

What is a subcommittee?

Subcommittees are formed to coordinate events. 1 Executive member must always be on the subcommittee as this is the point of contact for the P&C and there are some rules and procedures that needs to be followed to ensure that our insurance cover is valid. These can be seen in more detail below.

  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Coordinator

Coordinates Bunnings Sausage Sizzles including roster of cooking staff. A full running sheet is provided with step by step instructions and usually coordinates with the Canteen Convener regarding obtaining the sausages and buns etc.

  • Doubleview Dash Coordinator

Liaises with the school administration to coordinate the Doubleview Dash including cake stall. Organising parent helpers to help stamp lap cards as student complete each lap to man the cake stall.

  • Entertainment Book Coordinator

Coordinate and be the point of contact with Entertainment which is a valued supporter to our school community for which the school receives a commission.

  • Disco Night

Coordinate the planning for the Disco Night.

  • Parents Night Out

Coordinate and plan a great Parents Night Out.

  • Cake Stalls

Many events at the school have a yummy cake stall. A person is always needed to coordinate the cakes stall and make sure is is well stocked and well manned.

  • Election Fete

Doubleview is an election point and so we would love to make the most of this opportunity by hosting a fete.

  • Other Special Events Coordinator

Coordinate an annual Family Fun Night including all advertising and ticket sales. Other examples: SciTech Discovery Centre, Cinema nights. If you have any fun ideas please contact us! we are always open to new ideas.